BAYT designs and publishes scientific content journals in accordance with international standards for scientific publishing. It provides necessary professional publishing services at every stage to associations and institutions that publish scientific content journals or books. Operating from a partner perspective, it strives to create better and more beautiful outcomes, delivering services with aesthetic concerns, ethical values, principles, adherence to contemporary standards, and ensuring sustainability.

From design to printing, all kinds of document design, production and printing services to be published in print and online...

Similarity Check of all articles is done through Crossref Similarity Check (iThenticate) software...

DOI (Digital Object Identifier), unique numbering and access system that provides easy access to content published on the internet...


Easy Access to Information

BAYT publishes journals that adhere to the criteria required by international databases to facilitate researchers' easy access to information. Additionally, BAYT provides consultancy services to journals during the application processes for inclusion in these databases.

Organized Archive

It ensures the creation of websites in compliance with the open-access policies of scientific journals and their regular archiving.

Journal Publications It Belongs To

It is a sponsoring member of CrossRef and utilizes Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all journal publications it offers.


  • BAYT takes into consideration the recommendations and guidelines of institutions such as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), Council of Science Editors (CSE), European Association of Science Editors (EASE), and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in the scientific publishing processes.
  • Manuscripts submitted to journals are evaluated based on independent, unbiased, and double-blind peer review principles. Authors are not charged any fees for the publication of their articles. If a journal requests fees for publication, this information is explicitly stated on the journal’s website and in the author guidelines.
  • Printed journals are distributed to members by the respective organization of each journal. The primary goal of the journals is to achieve international recognition and be indexed in databases such as Science Citation Index Expanded, PubMed/MEDLINE, and PubMed Central.
  • For the journals serviced by BAYT, the formation, quality, and scientific rigor of the content are entirely the responsibility of the journal’s editor-in-chief and editorial board.”
  • 1. Preliminary Evaluation

Each article submitted to the journals undergoes a preliminary evaluation by the publication coordinator in terms of the following aspects. After this process is completed, it is sent to the journal editor:

  • Conformity to the scope and guidelines of the journal
  • Author contribution statement and author contribution form
  • ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest and Potential Conflicts of Interest (Authors are required to indicate whether there is a conflict of interest in the articles they submit to journals by completing the Copyright Transfer Form and ICMJE Forms for each submission. This information must be provided at the end of each article.)
  • Ethics Committee Approval (Authors are required to provide documentation of Ethics Committee approval, indicating that experimental, clinical, and drug studies were conducted in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration.)
  • Informed Patient Consent (In studies involving human participants, researchers must inform participants, obtain written consent from patients, and present these consents at the end of the articles.)
  • Potential Financial Support Statement
  • Plagiarism and duplicate content screening (iThenticate)
  • Review of cited references in the article and verification of accuracy using various databases
  • Originality assessment of tables and figures in the article


  • 2. Evaluation and Acceptance Process

  • Manuscripts that pass the initial stage are forwarded to the Editor. The Chief Editor evaluates the scientific aspects of the submission and forms the initial decision.
  • When the Editorial Board decides to evaluate a work through a peer-review process, at least 2 reviewers are assigned per article, and if deemed necessary, a third reviewer may also be assigned. Reviewers are selected from experts who are not actively involved in the management or editorial process of the journal, and who have no affiliation or conflict of interest with the owner or submitting author of the journal.
  • Before initiating the peer-review process, the article files and content are blinded to ensure the integrity of the peer-review process.
  • 3. Publication Process

  • Accepted articles are uploaded to the website of the accepting journal with a title and abstract,  and receive a DOI tag.
  • Every accepted article undergoes language editing in either Turkish or English.
  • The publication process of each accepted article is coordinated and finalized by +
BAYT in collaboration with authors, editors, and the editorial board.

BAYT's publishing services cover open-access journals, and the financial support for the journals is provided from non-profit institutions' own resources. In compliance with journal policies, printed publications may include advertisements for drugs and medical products. However, commercial advertisements are not present on the journals' websites.

All authors are required to complete the ICMJE Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. Their declarations are published at the end of each article. If undisclosed issues are identified, the Editorial Board may request a second explanation from the authors.

For experimental, clinical, and drug studies, obtaining and submitting an ethical committee report prepared in accordance with international human and animal rights laws and the Helsinki Declaration is mandatory.

BAYT adheres to the 'ICMJE Recommendations for Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journal' guidelines, and includes them on the websites of all publications and in the author disclosure pages of journals. Editors, authors, and reviewers are informed in this regard, and publications are ensured to be in accordance with these guideline criteria.



Throughout the entire process, from cover design to page layout, adjustments are made to books as per the authors’ requests or entirely based on the layout determined by our graphic designers. Scientific publication preparation standards are applied in book projects.

In addition to being visually appealing, images, tables, and graphics are carefully crafted to be explanatory and of high quality. Some of the cover examples you see are publications from associations, and these books can be obtained by contacting the respective associations.




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