BAYT designs and publishes scholarly journals within the framework of international scientific publishing standards. Provides professional publishing services at every stage to associations and institutions that want to publish scientific journals or books.


BAYT is acting in the perspective of being a solution partner with an effort to create the better and the more beautiful. In this respect, it is essential to provide services that are aesthetic, ethical, principled, and consistent with contemporary standards.


typesetting &


DOI (Digital Object Identifier), unique numbering and access system that provides easy access to content published on the internet...

Similarity Check of all articles is done through Crossref Similarity Check (iThenticate) software...

From design to printing, all kinds of document design, production and printing services to be published in print and online...

BAYT was founded in 1992 to provide graphic design and publishing services in all fields, and since 2010 it specialized to provide publishing services for medical journals. Currently, BAYT is giving services to Archives of Neuropsychiatry, The Journal of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research (JCBPR), Turkish Journal of Psychiatry, Turkish Journal of Orthopedics and Traumatology Association, Journal of Caucasian Medical Sciences and Andrology Bulletin. As a Crossref Sponsor Member since 2013, BAYT also provides DOI services for all journals.




  • publishes publications in accordance with the criteria required by international databases, and provides advisory services to authors in the application process for easy access to information and the databases.
  • ensures that scientific journals can create and archive their website in accordance with open access policies.
  • is a sponsor member of CrossRef, and DOI (Digital Object Identifier) tag is used in all journals for which it provides publication services.



  • In the scientific publishing process, BAYT takes into account the requirements and recommendations of the institutions such as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), the Council of Science Editors (CSE), and the European Association of Science Editors.
  • Journal articles are considered within the framework of independent, impartial and double blinded evaluation.
  • No charge is requested from the authors for the publication of their articles. If the owner of the journal claims an amount for the publication of a manuscript, this is clearly indicated on the web page and in the “Instruction to Authors” section of the journal.
  • The journals published in print are distributed to the members by the owners of each journal.
  • The main goal of a journal is to gain international qualification by taking place in international indexes such as Science Citation Index Expanded, PubMed / MEDLINE and PubMed Central etc.
  • In the journals handled by BAYT, the formation, the context and the scientific quality of the contents are totally the responsibility of the owners, editors and publishing board of the journals.






Each article submitted to a journal passes through a preliminary evaluation by the publication coordinator of BAYT on the following topics. Once this process is completed, it is sent to the journal’s editor:

  • Compliance with the scope and guidelines of the journal
  • Author contribution declaration and author contribution form
  • ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest and Potential Conflicts of Interest (The authors must indicate whether there is a conflict of interest by filling in the ICMJE Forms in the articles they submit to the journals; this information must be given at the end of each article)
  • Ethics Committee approval (authors must declare that the experimental, clinical and drug studies of the work done is in compliance with the Helsinki Declaration, and submit the Ethics Committee approval document)
  • Informed patient approval (authors are required to inform attendees that they are working on people, get the written consent of the patients and present these at the end of the article)
  • Possible financial support disclosure
  • Plagiarism and replication scanning (iThenticate)
  • Check references that are cited in the article and ensure their accuracy using various databases
  • Authenticity evaluation of tables and images



  • The articles that pass the first stage are forwarded to the Editor. The Chief Editor assesses the scientific aspects of the presentation and makes the first decision.
  • When the editorial board decides to evaluate an article with an arbitration process, at least 2 referees are assigned per article, and if necessary, a third referee is assigned. A referee should not be one of the owners of the journal, or someone who actively act in the management of the same organization, or in the editorial board of the journal, and who has an interest or interest conflict with the author and the organization in general.
  • Before the peer review process is initiated, the article files and content are blinded.



  • Accepted manuscripts are uploaded to the web page of the accepting magazine with title and abstract, and receive a DOI tag.
  • Each accepted text passes through the process of editing in Turkish or English language.
  • The publishing process of each accepted journal is coordinated and finalized by BAYT, along with the authors and editorial board.



  • BAYT's publications are open access journals, and the income of these journals is covered by the sources of non-profit institutions.
  • Medicines and medicinal product advertisements may be included in printed journals, published in accordance with the journals’ policy.
  • Commercial advertisements are not allowed on the websites of the journals.



  • All writers are requested to report any potential conflicts of interest by completing the ICMJE Potential Conflicts of Interest Notice Form, and their statements will be published at the end of each article. If undeclared matters are found, a second explanation is requested by the Editorial Board.



  • It is imperative that an ethical committee report in accordance with international human and animal rights laws, and the Declaration of Helsinki is prepared and submitted for experimental, clinical, and drug studies.



  • It is imperative to inform patients about their work, and to get their approval. Patient consent is at the end of each article.



BAYT is bound to the "ICMJE Recommendations for Conduct, Reporting, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals" guide, including on the web pages of all publications and on the authors page of the journals.

In this regard, editors, authors and referees are warned, and it is ensured that publications are published within the framework of these guidelines.




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